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In Australia it is mandatory for large appliances to carry the Energy Rating Label. This makes it easy to compare the efficiency of appliances at point of sale.

To make the best use of this label, and purchase the most efficient appliance you can, we recommend using these three steps:


1. Choose the size of appliance you need

Larger appliances typically use more energy. Try to choose the smallest size that adequately meets your needs. Bigger isn’t always better!


2. Compare the Star Rating

Once you have selected the size of appliance that meets your needs you can now compare the star ratings of appliances in that range. The more stars the more energy efficient the appliance will be.

You can also compare models online at: www.energyrating.gov.au


3. Consider your budget

Try to get the most efficient appliance you can within your budget. Remember that although the upfront cost may be higher for an efficient model, the energy savings could mean you save money over time.

To help calculate the cost of using an appliance in your home see this useful calculator provided by the NSW Office of Environment & Heritage: www.smarterchoicecalculator.com.au