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As part of the Energy+Illawarra program we have developed a series of newsletters and distributed them out into the community. These newsletters bust myths and misconceptions about energy use and are filled with the facts you need to become more energy efficient in your home. Each edition features different behaviours in and around your home, as well as different appliances. If you missed a copy by letterbox drop, or from a local community centre, you can download the newsletters by clicking the links below.


In this issue we take a look at the everyday appliances that can have a big impact on your energy consumption. In particular fridges, washing machines and dryers. We also compare home lighting technologies and give you some handy tips and tricks on deciphering Star Ratings so you can be sure to buy the most energy efficient appliances you can afford.



In this issue we discuss the best options for heating your home, hot water systems, the contribution cooking makes to your energy consumption, and other strategies to keep warm in winter.



In this issue we discuss the many ways you can keep yourself and your home comfortable and cool throughout the hot summer. We also take a look at the range of Solar Power options and technologies now available for your home.